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DSI - DanceSport International Ltd. formerly known as Hearn & Spencer Ltd., was founded in 1982 by Geoffrey Hearn and Peggy Spencer MBE. 1987 saw the start of the company’s venture into Video production, with it’s first title called “Ballroom Lines”. We are still producing top quality dvds, our latest being called “The Irvine Legacy” featuring Oliver Wessel-Therhorn with William Pino & Alessandra Bucciarelli. In 1996 the Company purchased the liquidated stock of "DanceTogs" - a well known shoe and accessories business, and with this purchase came the Exhibition rights to sell these products at the prestigious Open British Championships in Blackpool. In 1997 the Company purchased a Jewellery business called “Golden Girl” and again their Exhibition rights at the Blackpool Festival.

In 2000 we decided to start the dress making department we employed a designer & four machinists and we are pleased to say that the original four machinists are still with us, but the machining team now numbers twelve. With 23 staff in total making up the dress & tailoring departments.

Development is an on-going part of our business, with new shoes being offered for both the Competitive and Social dancer; we are constantly bringing out new dress designs and are always on the look-out for new products to add to our catalogues. We also hope to develop and expand our dealer network all over the world to be able to offer dancers the ability to purchase from a local source.

We are one of the few companies able to offer Ballroom & Latin dancers throughout the world a total service by Mail Order. We are also pleased to welcome many visitors to our Showroom in Croydon, where customers may browse at their leisure, listen to CD’s, view dvds and select shoes etc. from the stocks always available.

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DSI London Elite Performers

Stanislav Zelianin & Irina Cherepanova
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RussiaProfessional 29 5月 2001
Gunnar Gunnarsson & Marika Doshoris
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EnglandProfessional 01 3月 2012
Igor Reznik & Mariya Polischuk
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UkraineAmateur 01 12月 2014
Austin Joson & Nino Dzneladze
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USAAmateur 01 8月 2014
Michal Le & Sandra Jablonska
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PolandAmateur 01 3月 2013
Adam Hathazi & Morgana Lakatos-Hayward
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EnglandAmateur 01 12月 2012
Alex Plant & Leanne Han
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EnglandAmateur 01 9月 2018
Lloyd Perry & Rebecca Scott
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EnglandAmateur 01 2月 2009
Glenn Richard Boyce & Caroly Jänes
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EnglandYouth 01 1月 2016
Sam Hunter & Shannon Fitzgerald
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EnglandProfessional 01 7月 2012
Oliver Beardmore & Zoe Cunningham
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EnglandYouth 01 8月 2017
Maxim Morris & Olivia King
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EnglandJunior 01 12月 2017
Nathan Zaytsev & Annika Mugin
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USAJuvenile 01 7月 2015
Nathan Starey & Olivia Smorge
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EnglandJuvenile 01 2月 2017
Oliver Dudman & Edith Maina-Flinders
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EnglandJuvenile 01 7月 2018
Evan Holmes & Lili Crane
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EnglandJuvenile 01 7月 2017
Christopher Millward & Victoria Bennett
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EnglandProfessional 01 9月 2008
Vadim Negrebetskiy & Bettina Hatfield
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EnglandAmateur 01 12月 2014
Christopher Ponomarenko & Ella Perry
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EnglandYouth 01 5月 2017
Sean Smullen & Aimie Leak
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IrelandProfessional 01 2月 2014
Roman Sukhomlyn & India Phillips-Bullock
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EnglandAmateur 01 8月 2018 01 12月 2020