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News (十二月 2017)

Igor Kobiuk and Valeryya Kalyschuk dance together

Posted on 星期二, 12 12月 2017, 22:25 by admin | 0 comment(s)
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We would like to announce the partnership of Igor Kobiuk and Valeryya Kalyschuk. They will dance in WDC in Professional Ballroom and will represent Ukraine. See their profile page. Igor Kobiuk was several times Ukrainian national champion in Amateur and Professional Ballroom. In 2013 Igor was in the final of Professional Rising Star Ballroom...

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Gaetano Parisi and Maria Xiromeriti dance together

Posted on 星期一, 11 12月 2017, 00:04 by admin | 0 comment(s)
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The husband and wife Gaetano Parisi and Maria Xiromeriti started a new dance partnership and they will represent Greece in Professional Latin. See their profile page. Gaetano is Italian, Maria is Greek. Gaetano was a two times Greek Professional Latin champion. They are planning their first appearance at the UK Open in January 2018 in Bourne...

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