Andrei Zaitsev and Anna Kuzminskaya retire from competitions
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Andrei Zaitsev and Anna Kuzminskaya retire from competitions

Posted on 星期五, 16 12月 2016, 10:27 by admin
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We have received a note from Andrei Zaitsev and Anna Kuzminskaya announcing their retirement decision. Till end of 2009 Andrei and Anna competed in 10 Dance achieving many successes there including Russian 10 Dance championship title as well as winning the European and World 10 Dance Championships. In Amateur division, they were World Youth Latin champions, Blackpool champions, European champions and World vice-champions. They moved to the Professional division of WDSF last year. Their retirement announcement comes onle a week after they won the WDSF PD World Latin championships in Moscow. See more results.

We wish to announce that after 18 years of dancing together we decided to retire from the competitions. We shall not retire from dancing, we will keep doing shows and be in dancing, because dancing is what we are and it's our life...

We always believe in dancing and it gives us the strength to move forward.

We would like to say thank you to our parents, teachers ( Elena Kuzminskaya, Ralf and Olga Muller, Elena Kuznetsova and other's....) friends, judges and sponsors( AIDA dance shoes, Abraham Martinez, ESTArt atelier, Katia Convents atelier).