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Articles (八月 2016)

Interview with Michal Le and Sandra Jablonska

Posted on 星期五, 19 8月 2016, 20:40 by admin | 0 comment/s
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We talked to Michal Le and Sandra Jablonska, winners of the Amateur Rising Star Ballroom in Blackpool 2016. Michal and Sandra are young dancers from Poland. Augusto Schiavo believes that the idea [during practice] is to focus on one thing at the time. Until you are able to do it 100% perfect. Let me start with the congratulations! Fantastic r...

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Interview with Shaun Peacham and AJ Whitty

Posted on 星期一, 08 8月 2016, 10:46 by admin | 0 comment/s
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We talked to Shaun Peacham and AJ Whitty, winners of Senior Latin at Blackpool Dance Festival in May 2016. Shaun and AJ come from Australia and are Australian champions in Senior Latin category. I want to make something out of each step and use my body the best that I can to the music, whereas I could never think like that before [when younger] ...

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