Dance Profile of Oleg Negrov & Mariana Kilinchuk Dance Profile of Oleg Negrov & Mariana Kilinchuk
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Oleg Negrov (Ukraine) & Mariana Kilinchuk (Ukraine)

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他们不再搭伴 (2004年5月)

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We have recorded: 他们成绩的4 少儿 , 他们成绩的4 少年 , 他们成绩的1 业余
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Biography/Couple History

Oleg Negrov & Mariana Kilinchuk started dancing together in 2003 (八月) as 少儿 They do not compete together anymore and were last registered as a couple in Ukraine. They danced in 业余 .

数据库中记录的他们的第一场比赛是 Romania - Oradea. 我们的数据库中迄今为止他们的最好成绩是Dynamo Cup 2003年的Ukrainian Cup Junior II Latin赛事中的Ukraine - Lviv组别中的第4


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History of country and status changes (timeline)

?31 8月 200331 12月 2003

First competition recorded

Romanian Open 2003 - Junior II Open Latin (Latin ) in Romania - Oradea on 2003年9月13日

Last competition recorded

Kodryanka 2004 - IDSF International Open Latin (Latin ) in Moldova - Kishinev on 2004年4月24日